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    Paras Immunity Booster Chai Masala

    Infused with organic whole spices to give you a kick of Immunity and Flavour

    • Strong Immunity Booster
    • Blend of Natural herbal spices
    • Strong flavour
    • Used while preparing Tea
    • Ingredients: Ginger, Black pepper, Cardamom, Clove, Nutmeg, Cinnamon
    150.00 140.00
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    Paras Natural Premium Assam Tea

    Paras Premium Tea powder is of a premium grade made with tea leaves handpicked from the best tea gardens and blended by expert tea tasters.

    • Creates a combination of exquisite taste & aroma
    • Premium Assam Blend
    • carefully blended high-quality tea leaves
    400.00 360.00
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    Paras Organic Darjeeling Premium Green Tea 100gm

    • Organic Darjeeling Green Tea is filled with rich antioxidants and pleasing aroma.
    • It acts as an Elixir of Life which has a variety of health benefits.
    • An ideal choice for a healthy life style.
    140.00 120.00
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    Paras Premium White Tea 100gm

    Introducing our premium White Tea! This delicate tea is made from the youngest leaves, hand-picked and minimally processed to preserve its natural flavor and health benefits. White tea is known for its high levels of antioxidants and its ability to promote heart health, improve skin and boost the immune system.

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    Paras Strong Premium Hotel Blended Tea

    It is an exclusive selection of the finest teas, meticulously tasted and blended to provide the special experience of a strong tea with a rich aroma and truly refreshing taste.

    • Strong taste and rich in colour.
    • Finest blend of Premium Assam tea for a truly refreshing experience.
    400.00 360.00
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    Paras Strong Red Cutting Tea

    Paras Red Cutting Tea powder is made with fine quality tea leaves that are handpicked from selected gardens.

    • Strong and refreshing flavor
    • Consistent Quality
    • Assam blended
    360.00 300.00