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  • -10%

    Paras Natural Premium Assam Tea

    Paras Premium Tea powder is of a premium grade made with tea leaves handpicked from the best tea gardens and blended by expert tea tasters.

    • Creates a combination of exquisite taste & aroma
    • Premium Assam Blend
    • carefully blended high-quality tea leaves
    400.00 360.00
  • -14%

    Paras Organic Darjeeling Premium Green Tea 100gm

    • Organic Darjeeling Green Tea is filled with rich antioxidants and pleasing aroma.
    • It acts as an Elixir of Life which has a variety of health benefits.
    • An ideal choice for a healthy life style.
    140.00 120.00
  • -3%
  • -10%

    Paras Strong Premium Hotel Blended Tea

    It is an exclusive selection of the finest teas, meticulously tasted and blended to provide the special experience of a strong tea with a rich aroma and truly refreshing taste.

    • Strong taste and rich in colour.
    • Finest blend of Premium Assam tea for a truly refreshing experience.
    400.00 360.00
  • -17%

    Paras Strong Red Cutting Tea

    Paras Red Cutting Tea powder is made with fine quality tea leaves that are handpicked from selected gardens.

    • Strong and refreshing flavor
    • Consistent Quality
    • Assam blended
    360.00 300.00